What Clients are Saying

*All client names used with permission.

"Lisa has given my wife and me massages most every month this year. She is an excellent masseuse, strong and yet sensitive. She is willing to work with us to give us the right massage for how we feel when she arrives. She is also very reliable and always pleasant to be around. We both look forward to her massages and the wonderful disposition the experience put us in for the rest of the evening. Getting her massages has been one of the highlights of the year for us and we look forward to many more massages in the future."



"Doing TV repair for over 40 years has taken a toll on my body, I've found having a monthly massage keeps me in good running order but it wasn't until I met Lisa did I know what a professional massage therapist can really do. She's incredible and very knowledgeable in what she does. I will never get a massage from anyone else!



"Far and away the absolute BEST massage I have ever had."


"I haven't had a massage in many months, and I badly needed one.  I called on Saturday afternoon, after looking through nearby massage locations that were already closed, and Lisa had an availability on the next day at 130pm.  She came to my home with her folded massage table and fresh linens, and used olive oil to massage me because I was allergic to some ingredients of her oils.  

Ohhh...what a relief for my many knotted and stiff muscles!  Lisa started slow and carefully, after consulting me about my health history, then progresses to deep massage.  The head-to-toe treatment was very rejuvenating, as she applied healing to my neck, shoulders, lower back, calves, hands and feet.  She has an attentive, thorough, and methodical approach.  The (choice of) soft music was helpful, as was her calm, friendly, nurturing demeanor.  A lovely hot stone massage of the back, aromatherapy, bottle of Pellegrino spring water to drink, and hot towels applied to hands and feet were also included."


"Lisa provides such an amazing service with skill to match!  She tailors each massage style to the client and she excels at all of them!  

She is thoughtful, very sweet and provides a wonderful sense of calm energy."



"I enjoy being able to recommend someone based on their skill, ability and professionalism. The few massages I’ve had in the past did not prepare me at all for what I have come to expect from Lisa.

At our first appointment she asked me detailed questions about exactly why I was there to see her, and what specific areas of my body I felt that I needed help with. She asked for a detailed health history and I was impressed that she took several pages of careful notes and appeared to keep it all in mind. Her knowledge of the body and how it works was impressive – her knowledge spans much more than just the large muscle groups that I would assume a massage therapist should know, and she incorporates that knowledge into her procedures.

That massage itself was by far the best I’d ever received. I have arthritis in my hip, feet and hands. She clearly remembered the issues we had discussed, and worked on them and around them in such a way that I felt the massage was specifically tailored to my needs. I truly experienced a Therapeutic Massage.

I’ve had several appointments with her since then, and am pleased to see that she continually strives to learn more about her craft, implementing new techniques as they may apply. Knowing my body as she does, she has suggested small things I can do on my own which have helped me immensely in the area of “restless leg syndrome”. Without fail, after every session with her I experience range-of-motion improvements that benefit every aspect of my life – both waking and sleeping.

I am not interested in a typical “relaxing spa-day” experience, and I do not receive one. She goes far beyond that – to where the concept of actual Therapy through massage makes perfect sense to me now.She has educated me, and I am now a client for life."



"Found Lisa through the Portland section of Reddit, and WOW am I glad I found her. It was my first massage, and Lisa led me through the entire process and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I had loads of knots in my shoulders and back, and she was able to find and take care of them, while being very attentive to the amount of pressure she was giving. 

The table was extremely comfortable, and the iPod w/music was a really nice touch. Thanks again!"


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