Portland In Home Massage

In-home massage offers so many benefits beyond what you can expect from a day spa or massage clinic. No driving to and from your appointment, no traffic to fight, no parking to find. Once your massage experience is complete, there is no need to rip yourself out of that relaxed, zen state of mind in order to safely drive home. You're already there!

In-home massage allows you to prolong the benefits you receive from your treatment as well. We recommend leaving time after your massage to take a warm bath, a short nap, or curl up with a book and a cup of tea. 

Bridgetown Massage brings everything you love about the VIP spa experience right to your door. We provide a cozy, heated massage table, linens, music, oil or lotion, premium sparkling water and specialty chocolates. You will be able to reach a much deeper state of relaxation from your in-home massage because you won't have all the extra sensory input of a new spa or clinical environment.

Your therapist will arrive about 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to set up your massage space. Unlike a treatment you might get at a clinic or spa, you will always receive the full 60 or 90 minutes of massage you paid for. Read more about what to expect from your Bridgetown In-Home Massage.

All massage services incorporate warm towels on the feet, and complementary aromatherapy can be added upon request. Just ask!


Pricing for all services as follows:


60 Minutes | $129

90 Minutes | $149

120 Minutes | $169


Relaxation Massage

Relax and renew with this seamlessly fluid, light-medium pressure massage. After a brief consultation, Eastern and Western massage styles are custom blended to create your perfect experience. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for chronic, nagging pain and muscular tension. You'll experience decreased pain and greater range of motion in your chosen trouble spots. Your therapist will work slowly and communicate with you to find your ideal pressure.

Therapeutic Fusion Massage

A Bridgetown Massage signature service, the Therapeutic Fusion Massage is the best of both worlds. Your therapist will target your problem areas while seamlessly blending whole body relaxation work. You'll feel supreme relaxation and relief for those trouble spots.

Sports Massage

Loosen and invigorate key muscle groups before the big day, preparing you to reach your personal best. 

Decrease the effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness and minor sports injuries following the strenuous exertion of a big game or vigorous workout. 

Neck, Shoulders and Scalp Massage

This relaxing massage releases tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Excellent for relieving headaches, TMJ pain, and stress.  

Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) Massage

Special precautions are taken to keep you and baby safe and comfy throughout the treatment. Customized to give your body attention where it's most needed during pregnancy. Please provide a copy of your doctor's clearance (can be emailed) if your pregnancy is considered high-risk.

Physician’s Permission Form (If pregnancy is considered high-risk)

Prenatal Massage Form (to be completed by client) 

New Mama Massage

One of the most important times in your life to take care of yourself is following the birth of your child. New moms have specific and lingering physical complaints that can be effectively addressed with massage. Take an hour for yourself to recover and renew so you can offer your best self to your new baby.  

Post Collision Injury Rehab (Insurance)

At this time we are billing insurance for clients affected by motor vehicle accidents in the state of Oregon only.  

If you have recently been affected by a motor vehicle or workplace accident in Oregon, you qualify for medical massage therapy at no cost out of pocket. If you are in pain from a recent accident of this kind, medical massage can help to rehabilitate your body, getting you back to 100% more quickly than with physical therapy or chiropractic care alone.

Before your treatment begins we require a prescription for massage therapy by your prescribing physician, insurance company, claim number, and the name and phone number of your claim rep. You will be contacted within 24 hours of booking your first appointment for a brief consultation regarding your accident and to answer any questions you may have.

To save you time, you may print and fill out the following documents at your convenience prior to your medical massage appointment. 

Intake Form (health information, symptoms, prior treatment)

Informed Consent (sign and date)

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (sign and date)

Policies and Procedures (for your records)

Physician Referral and Prescription Form (for use if you do not currently have a prescription for massage therapy)

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